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Walking Tour Highlights

Welcome to Rome, the eternal city and one of the most fascinating cities in the world! Give yourself a proper introduction to Rome with a walking tour, a relaxing way to view the highlights of the open air museum that is Central Rome.

You will be guided through the wonderful winding cobblestone streets where you will discover how Rome has been transformed throughout the centuries. Piazza Navona was redesigned in the 17th century, with Bernini’s monumental Fountain of the Four Rivers, on the site where an Imperial stadium was located in the first century. A portion of the stadium still exists underground and gives the piazza its unique shape.

One of the many highlights of this tour is the Pantheon, the only pagan temple that is left in Rome, which is still intact. The colourful marbles on the floor came from all parts of the Roman Empire and provides a real wow factor, until you look up to the dome and marvel how the Romans were able to engineer something so perfect and impressive 2000 years ago.

Of course, the tour would not be complete without a visit to the Trevi fountain one of the many icons of Rome. Be sure to toss your coin into the fountain to ensure your safe return to Rome!

Enjoy a walk through Rome at your own pace

  • Booking a private walking tour will allow you to explore this wonderful city centre at your own pace and a private tour guide will cater the tour to your needs.
  • Take a break when you want to enjoy a cafe or a gelato, (Italian ice cream), your guide will show you to the best places to enjoy these wonderful treats and will explain why gelato tastes so much better than ice cream!
  • Your tour guides passion and depth of knowledge will help you to imagine how Rome evolved from ancient times through to the Renaissance and right up to recent history

Visitor Highlights

  • A walking tour is one of the best introduction to the eternal city, not only will it help to orient you to the layout of the city centre you will learn about the rulers of Rome, from the Republic to the Emperors to the Popes and beyond.
  • Unique and interesting walking tours are available every day.Simply chose the tour that works best for you and reserve your spot online. You can rest assured that your walking tour will be unforgettable.
  • Choosing a guided walking tour is the ideal way to experience how Rome evolved from ancient times to recent times.Plus, your guide will entertain you with interesting facts and funny anecdotes.
  • Marvel at the monumental fountain’s of Rome and discover how they were able to engineer the water flow through the ancient aqueducts.
  • Tossing a coin into the iconic Trevi fountain is a must, but how many should you throw? Find out what the significance is when throwing more than one.
  • Prepare to be amazed at the size and perfection of the Pantheons dome.
  • See why Bernini was one of the most prominent sculptor’s of Rome when you visit Piazza Navona.

Travel Tips

  • Make sure you have enough time to find your meeting point for your Walking tour. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the Walking tour departure time.
  • Don’t slow your group down, make sure to use a bathroom before the tour begins. Public toilets are not easy to find and most cafes require a purchase to use their facilities.
  • Always make sure to wear comfortable shoes, especially when taking a Rome walking tour. This doesn’t mean the shoes can’t be stylish but keep in mind that you will be walking on cobblestone streets, marble and uneven pavement.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. The Pantheon is now a church, so if you visit any church you will need to cover your knees and shoulders. A fashionable scarf that can cover your shoulders is the perfect accessory when walking around Rome in the summer.
  • Make sure you are charged. Nothing is worse than your phone or camera running out of battery in the middle of a tour. Bring an external charger just in case.
  • Don’t book tours back to back. Avoid the stress of rushing from one tour to the next by allowing ample time in between tours.
  • Set aside time for your Walking tour and book in advance. Two to Three Hours is an adequate amount of time to truly enjoy your visit.
  • Prices vary depending on the type and duration of the tour you wish to book. The smaller the group, the higher the price.

Know Before You Go

Safety measures:

  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required for the Pantheon.
  • Social distancing measures will be enforced inside the Pantheon.

What to bring:

  • Walking Tour voucher (downloaded or printed)
  • Clothing that is weather appropriate
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water (bottles can be refilled at the many public fountains)