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Welcome to the Eternal City where you can pass days or even weeks exploring all of the stunning sites that Rome has to offer. However, Rome is also a fantastic base from which to discover other highlights of the region on a variety of wonderful and exciting day trips. If you have experienced the Colosseum and Ancient Rome in all its glory, strolled through the winding streets leading to the Trevi Fountain and immersed yourself in the stunning galleries of the Vatican Museums, then now is the time to explore a bit further.

Here at Rome.Tours you will find a myriad of exceptional day trips from Rome which will enable you to easily experience the distinct characteristics of other parts of the region. The surrounding area is so rich and diverse in culture that you are sure to find something that will suit your particular interests from trips to larger cities, such as Florence or Naples, so that you can experience more of the wonderful Italian architecture, or trips to smaller towns, such as Orvieto where you can be fully immersed in the authenticity and beauty of the area. If you would rather relax and leave the details and organization to someone else then look on Rome.Tours for some fantastic options for day trips from the city.


Rome’s central location makes it the perfect base from which to explore other parts of the region. You can experience a whole different world just a short distance from the capital with a day trip to Ostia Antica or you can choose a longer but absolutely worthwhile day trip from Rome to Pompeii. There are many fantastic day trips within one hour from the city, such as, Ostia Antica, Hadrain’s Villa and Villa d’Este in Tivoli or Lake Bracciano. If you are willing to travel a little bit further, perhaps between 1-2 hours’ drive from the city, then you could experience the wonderful cities of Florence and Naples or even Assisi. If you are only travelling to Rome rather than to other regions in Italy this does not necessarily mean that you have to miss out on those experiences. It is possible to experience the stunning ancient sites at Pompeii, the beautiful picturesque Amalifi Coast or even wine tasting in Tuscany all on day trips from Rome.

Ostia Antica

A visit to this ancient Roman settlement might be considered one of the best day trips from Rome and the bonus is that it is only 30km from the city. It could be considered as one of the most spectacular ancient sites in Italy but is often overlooked due to the popularity of Pompeii. You can find several options for private or group walking tours which will bring this stunning ancient area, with its amphitheatre, temples and public baths, to life for you.


On a visit to Tivoli, just 30km from Rome, you can experience both ancient history and Renaissance beauty in one visit. On a day trip from the city you can visit Hadrian’s Villa, built by the Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD as an escape from the bustle of political life in Rome. However, it was not only a residence, but almost a small city and today you can discover the ruins of libraries and temples among other things as well as the beautiful gardens and pools which gave the area so much serenity.

Tivoli is also home to a second World Heritage Site, the beautiful 16th Century Villa D’Este which is famous for its stunning and majestic fountains and beautiful gardens.


Despite being quite a distance from Rome, day trips to Florence are popular and hassle-free. There are variety of options for group tours or private tours with a private car and tour guide which will enable you to experience the fascinating historic centre of the city in just one day. On a day trip you can discover the most famous Renaissance works of art in the Uffizi Gallery, such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, Michelangelo’s incredible masterpiece of David in the Galleria d’Accademia as well as taking a stroll around the historic Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.


The ancient city of Pompeii, buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79, is one of the most popular day trips from Rome and is a must-see for those who are interested in Ancient Roman history. Although this is one of the longer day trips from Rome it is definitely worth the time as you will experience the incredible ancient archaeological site with an expert tour guide. Many of the day trips also involve a relaxing drive along the beautiful Amalfi Coast with a stop of for lunch in one of the picturesque towns along the way.


  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing – many day trips are to locations which require you to walk for long periods or which consist of cobblestones or uneven paving.
  • Make sure you know exactly what sites you will visit on your day trip and whether any of them operate a dress code policy. Certain venues and sites require visitors to cover their shoulders and knees so be sure to come prepared with appropriate accessories.
  • Don’t rely on your transportation having the facility to enable you to charge your camera or phone. Make sure you are fully charged and, if possible, bring an external battery to be sure that you can keep snapping memories for the duration of the day trip.
  • Prices vary depending on the type, duration and distance of the day trip that you wish to book. The smaller the group, the higher the price.
  • If your day trip includes food and/or beverages be sure that you inform your tour operator of any allergies in advance, as well as any other special food requests, such as, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.


  • Know where you are going – Check whether you will be collected from your accommodation or whether you have to arrive at a certain meeting point in order to set off on your day trip. If you are required to meet at a certain location make sure you have enough time to find your meeting point. Try to arrive at least fifteen minutes before your departure time.
  • Check whether your day trip includes round-trip transportation and whether times are fixed or if your return can be open-ended. Check whether the price of the day trip includes tickets and other entrance fees and whether you will be accompanied by a tour guide for the full duration of the trip, whether you will meet your guide at the destination or whether the trip is for transportation only.
  • Check whether your tour includes any refreshments for the journey and if not be prepared with some water and other refreshments, particularly for longer journeys.
  • Certain day trips may not be wheelchair accessible so ensure that you check the individual tour details before booking.
  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth will be required for all inside visits. Check whether the day trip you book also requires you to wear a covering during transportation.