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There’s no better way to experience Roman culture than by immersing yourself into Italian food. Taking a Rome Cooking Class is a fun and interactive way to learn about Italian cuisine. Your local instructor will teach you how to prepare fresh ingredients in order to make a classic Italian meal. Not only will you have a wonderful experience preparing the meal, you will have even more fun enjoying the fruits of your labor.


Italian food is famous throughout the world and almost every country has their own “version” of Italian cuisine. The Romans are quite clear about what should or shouldn’t be added to their recipes. So taking a cooking class in Rome is a sure-fire way to learn the ins and outs of Roman cuisine. After spending time with a chef in Rome you will be able to answer questions like: Does cream belong in carbonara? What toppings do Italians put on their pizza?


You will be amazed how such simple ingredients can be transformed into mouth watering dishes. And you will be surprised at how easy it is to do! When you take a pasta making class in Rome you will learn how to make the pasta from scratch. You will also learn how to make different types and shapes of pasta. These are things which you can easily recreate again and again for your family and friends back home. 


You may find out that throwing pizza dough might not be that easy in the beginning. Taking a pizza making class in Rome will give you the tools to make the dough and you can always practice your pizza-tossing skills. More importantly, you will have the ability to create delicious meals that will always remind you of your time in Rome. Why not take the opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture and Italian food at the same time?


Italian food is famous the world over and is a central part of visiting Rome. Why not make the most of your precious time in the Eternal City by joining a Rome Cooking Class? You will get to know the simple ingredients that are used in Italian cuisine. Once you get back home, you will be able to recreate the classic Italian dishes. Just by spending time with a local chef you will have the opportunity to perfect your Italian cooking skills. There are a variety of Rome Cooking Classes to choose from:

Rome Pasta Making Class: Learn the Italian method for making pasta with a local chef. With just a few ingredients you will be able to create delicious pasta dishes. You will have your own workstation and make two different types of pasta with your expert chef watching over you. Then you will learn how to pair these pasta types with different sauces. After just one Rome Pasta Making Class you will be able to make a variety of Italian food favorites.

Rome Cooking Class and Food Market: Explore the neighborhood Italian food market and interact with local vendors while choosing your ingredients. Your local chef will help you find the freshest produce that will inspire your meal. Once you’ve sourced your ingredients it is time to head to the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. You will learn the tips and tricks needed in order to make delicious Italian food.

Rome Pizza Making Class: Pizza is an important part of Italian food culture and a highlight when travelling to Rome. Joining a Rome Pizza Making Class is a fun and exciting way to experience Roman cuisine. Learning how to make the delicious Roman pizza will create a deep connection with the Eternal City. Plus you will be able to recreate the experience when you get back home.


For most travelers visiting Rome, the incredible food is an essential part of their Roman experience. When you only have a few days to enjoy authentic Italian food, every restaurant and meal decision you make is important. That’s why joining a Rome Cooking Class is the ideal way to ensure that you will enjoy some delicious Italian food. Here are just a few of the wonderful things you can expect from taking a cooking class in Rome:

From pizza making classes to pasta making classes in Rome, there are so many ways to experience Italian food. Walking through the local market is one of the most authentic experiences you will find. Creating and enjoying your own italian dishes from scratch is an amazing opportunity not to be missed!

  • Exploring the fresh ingredients at the local Italian food market. You will interact with the vendors and taste the amazing flavors that Italy is so famous for.
  • Learning the tips and tricks of an Italian chef during your Pasta Making Class in Rome. Having an experienced chef to guide you through the process will automatically up your pasta game. Plus at the end of the activity you will be able to enjoy the beautiful pasta that you made yourself.
  • Getting behind the scenes at a pizzeria during a Pizza Making Class in Rome. You will be amazed at how such simple ingredients can make such a delicious meal. Throwing the pizza dough will be an amazing memory to share with your loved ones. The wood burning oven will bake your creation and in a matter of minutes you will be enjoying your mouth watering Roman pizza.
  • Learning the true Italian way of cooking from an experienced chef. Every country has their own “version” of Italian food. Many times those versions are very different from the original recipe. You will learn the do and don’ts of Italian cooking.


  • Always let the tour operator know of any allergies in advance. Rome Cooking Classes use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. If the instructor knows about your allergies in advance, they can plan accordingly. Keep in mind some classes may not be able to adapt to every dietary restriction.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes in Rome. This doesn’t mean the shoes can’t be stylish but keep in mind that you will be on your feet for the majority of your cooking class in Rome.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. You will want to dress comfortably when participating in a Rome Cooking Class.
  • Multiple tours may be better than one long tour. Rome is a big city so you may enjoy your tour more if it is concentrated in one area, instead of trying to cover the whole city of Rome in a day.
  • Make sure you are charged. Nothing is worse than your phone or camera running out of battery in the middle of a tour. Bring an external charger just in case.
  • Check the map of Rome when booking your tours. Arranging your tours and itinerary will save you loads of time and you won’t be constantly traveling from one side of the city to the other.
  • Don’t book tours back to back. Avoid the stress of rushing from one tour to the next by allowing ample time in between tours.


  • Make sure you have enough time to find your meeting point. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour departure time.
  • Group tours are not wheelchair accessible. Not all tours will follow a path that is wheelchair accessible so be sure to check the tour details. Private tours are the easiest option.
  • Only bring what you plan to carry. Most activities and museums do not provide luggage storage.
  • Don’t slow your group down, make sure to use a bathroom before the tour begins. Public toilets are not easy to find and most cafes require a purchase to use their facilities.


  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required
  • Temperature checks will be carried out at entrances
  • Social distancing measures will be enforced


  • Passport/ID card or photocopy
  • Clothing that is weather appropriate
  • Comfortable shoes


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